Akash Singh


    Akash Singh

    Data Scientist


    Member Since 2023

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    akash130595@gmail.com | +91 83185 30683 |

    Skills & Interests
    Technical: Machine Learning, Python, Linux, Core Java, Advance Excel, SQL, MongoDB, Apache Spark, Hive, Airflow,
    Kafka, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Office(Power Point, Word) , C, Power BI, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server.
    Hobbies: Mountaineering, Meditation, Gaming, Sports (Football, Chess and Cricket)
    Jan 2020 -Mar 2023
    Evelyn Learning Pvt Ltd – Noida
    Quality Analyst
    ● Applied statistical techniques to interpret data, analyze results, and provide ongoing reports.
    ● Utilized Power BI, SQL, Python, Excel, Tableau to manipulate and analyze large datasets.
    ● Participated in team meetings to discuss data-related challenges and proposed solutions.
    ● Reviewing, analyzing, and reporting on quality discrepancies.
    ● Delivered the content with an accuracy of 99%.
    ● Lead a team of 10 members and was responsible for coaching, mentoring and training the team.
    ● Create graphs, charts, and visual representations of data in Excel to aid in understanding and decision-making
    July 2018 -Oct 2019
    Startup- inhubpage.com
    Entrepreneur-in-residence – Delhi
     Worked closely with alumni of DTU, Delhi and ISB Hyderabad Mr. Subhav Sinha in his startup inhubpage.com.
     Fostering innovation and new ideas within the organization or startup community.
     Offering strategic advice and insights on business development, growth strategies, and market opportunities.
     Assisting in problem-solving, identifying challenges, and finding solutions for startups.
     Conducting market research and analysis to help startups understand their target market and competition.

    Acad. Project
    July 2023 -August 2023
    Verification of The Test Taker using Machine Learning
     Designed an elegant graphical user interface (GUI) with a 90% user satisfaction rating.
     Trained and implemented a face recognition model with a recognition accuracy rate of over 98%.
     Successfully integrated a real-time database capable of storing login details and recognizing faces, with an average
    response time under 200 milliseconds.
     Automated data entry processes with 100% accuracy in real-time database updates.
     Designed a scalable system capable of handling over 1,000 concurrent users without performance degradation.
     Proficient in using key Python libraries, including: Scikit-Learn| Pandas | NumPy | OpenCV | Dlib | Jupyter Notebooks |
    Face-Recognition model

    Acad. Project
    June 2023 -July 2023
    Liver Patient Analysis using Machine Learning
     Developed a machine learning model to predict the likelihood of liver disease in patients based on various
    medicalparameters and historical data.
     Achieved a data cleaning and preprocessing efficiency of 95%, resulting in a high-quality dataset.
     Improved model performance by extracting 10 relevant features that led to a 15% increase in predictive accuracy.
     Evaluated and selected the Random Forest machine learning algorithm, achieving an accuracy of 90% on the test
     Achieved an F1-score of 0.88 and an area under the ROC curve (AUC) of 0.95 through model tuning and validation.
     Implemented a 5-fold cross-validation, resulting in a model variance reduction of 12% and preventing overfitting.
     Proficient in using key Python libraries, including: Scikit-Learn| Pandas | NumPy | Matplotlib | Seaborn | Jupyter
    Notebooks |
     Acquired an in-depth understanding of medical data, leading to a 25% increase in diagnostic accuracy for liver diseases.
    Acad. Project
    Dec 2017 -May 2018
    Braking of Three Phase Induction Motor by Voltage and Frequency
     Observed a 15% reduction in motor speed within 5 seconds, demonstrating the effectiveness of voltage reduction for
    quick braking.
     Observed a 20% reduction in motor speed within 10 seconds, indicating that frequency control can provide smooth and
    controlled braking.
     Observed a 30% reduction in motor speed within 8 seconds, showcasing the synergy between voltage and frequency
    control in braking applications.

    Mar 2023-Sep 2023
    CDAC KP Bangalore
    ● Acquired skills in statistical analysis, machine learning, big data technologies, and data visualization.
    ● I was Student Leader and was responsible for supporting fellow students, advocating for their interests and well-being.


    Bachelor of technology, Electrical Engineering
    ● President of a college society; responsible for managing the team and events.
    ● Won 3 trophies as captain of college volleyball team; Bagged 1st position in Chess.
    Class 12 (CBSE) & Class 10 (CBSE)
    Won 2 trophies as captain of school volleyball team; Won Gold medal in Chess in a cluster event

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