Ayushi Gautam


    Ayushi Gautam

    ML Researcher and Data Analyst


    Member Since 2024

    Candidates About

    Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University
    Bachelor of Technology- Computer Science and Engineering (AI/ML); GPA: 8.36
    Ghaziabad, India
    Nov 2020- Jun 2024
    Coursework:DSA, Machine Learning, AI, Operating Systems, DBMS, Networking, Software Engineering, Oops
    Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
    Research Intern
    Dec 2022- Feb 2023
    New Delhi, India
    • Collaborated with scientists to build an ML Model for defence applications, increasing 6% accuracy in face recognition.
    • Developed Face Recognition Modules to detect a person’s face and clustered the same faces together into separate folderrs
    similar to Google Photos using DBSCAN with an accuracy of up to 90%.
    Saint Louis University
    Data Visualisation Intern
    • Analyzed IMDB movie ratings dataset with more than 7000 entries for insightful inferences.
    Oct 2022- Nov 2022
    Remote, USA
    • Leveraged Excel sheets and Tableau to make the Dashboard for Data Visualisation of datasets with a range of 20K-1M
    Google Developer Student Clubs
    ML Coordinator
    Oct 2021- Jun 2023
    AKGEC, Ghaziabad
    • Directed comprehensive ML workshops for 200+ students on diverse projects like Face mask Detectors, Sign Language
    Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Object detection models, and Extractive text Summarization.
    • Languages: C++,Python, HTML, CSS, Java(basic), SQL, Dart, Data Structure and Algorithms
    • Tools:
    Matplotlib, Numpy, AWS, Pandas, Figma, GIT, Firebase, Tableau, Excel Sheet
    • Frameworks: Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, NLTK, OpenCV, Transformers, Flutter, Flask, Scikit-Learn
    • Soft Skills:
    Leadership, Public Speaking, Event Management, Technical Writing
    • RailVadan- Natural Language Translation engine:- Engineered a multilingual railway info system enhancing station
    announcements across 100+ languages. Includes announcements, IVRS, chatbots, web interfaces & real-time updates.- Recorded user speech and converted speech- 2-text followed by a neural multilingual translation that further goes into
    text- 2-speech at stations for announcements. Link Github
    • Suvarna- Doctor’s Handwriting Recognition:- Pioneered a Real-time mobile application with 3 features to scan,
    recognize and digitize handwritten prescriptions, and doctor notes into readable format.- Utilized CRNN network and CTC loss optimization function and OpenCV-cv 2 for line segmentation.Link Github
    • Aushprad- Medical Waste Management App:- Devised an app focused on reducing Medicinal waste by 15% at the
    source point to predict waste to be disposed of in dustbins with TensorFlow, Keras, and Flutter. Link Github
    • Kaggle,Leetcode,Geeks for Geeks
    • Secured 1st Rank in Smart India Hackathon 2022: Guided by Dell Technologies, made a Doctor’s Handwriting
    Recognition system in the hackathon organised by Ministry of Central GOI.
    • Smart India Hackathon’23 Finalist: Made an Indian Railways info dissemination system with diverse languages, guided
    by Ministry of Railways.
    • Telangana AI Mission’23 Finalist: Reached the final top 25 out of 1500+ teams for predicting heat waves and AQI in
    Telangana. Index(AQI) for 5 Tier-2 cities of Telangana.
    • Anveshana’23 Finalist: Built flutter firebase App with YOLO model to classify waste and made it to Top 30 in this
    National Level Hackathon.
    • Amazon ML Challenge: Acquired AIR 324 among 65,000+ teams for product length prediction with a 2.2 million
    • She Builds on Azure: Earned selection in the cohort-2.0 AI edition organised by Azure Developer Community.
    • Codemaze Winner: Won 1st position at Competitive Coding Contest in Big Data Centre of Excellence.
    • Google Cloud Career Practitioners Campaign
    • Infosys Campus Connect Summer Training
    • Deep Learning Course by Udemy

    Professional Skills

    • aws
    • c++
    • CSS
    • dart
    • Data Structure and Algorithms
    • Excel Sheet
    • Figma
    • firebase
    • Flask
    • Flutter
    • GIT
    • HTML
    • Java(basic)
    • Keras
    • Matplotlib
    • NLTK
    • NumPy
    • OpenCV
    • Pandas
    • Python
    • Pytorch
    • Scikit-Learn
    • Sql
    • Tableau
    • Tensorflow
    • Transformers

    Candidate Overview

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