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    DIVANSHU Manchanda

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    # Divanshu Manchanda

    ## About Me:
    – **Name:** Divanshu Manchanda
    – **Qualification:** Computer Science Engineer
    – **Attributes:** Code Enthusiast, Problem Solver, Passionate Developer

    ## Experience:
    1. **Sync Intern**
    – *Duration:* 15th July – 15th Aug

    2. **Web Development Intern**
    – *Status:* Offer Letter
    – *Company:* Trailytics
    – *Duration:* 21st Aug – Ongoing

    3. **Python Developer Intern**
    – *Status:* Offer Letter

    ## Portfolio:
    – **[Versatile Developer Portfolio](Website Link):**
    Showcasing Diverse Projects & Tech Expertise

    ## Projects:
    1. **CineFlix**
    – *Description:* Crafted a visually stunning and responsive UI for CineFlix, incorporating modern frontend tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
    – *Features:*
    – Personalized film recommendations for an immersive movie exploration experience.
    – Implemented rotation of user agents and proxies to overcome anti-scraping measures on Amazon.
    – Developed a Python-based ‘Desktop Search Engine’ for efficient file retrieval and management.
    – Utilized SQLite database for optimized data storage and retrieval.
    – Enabled users to search for files by name, extension, or content within documents.

    2. **Desktop Search Engine**
    – *Description:* Engineered a Python-based ‘Desktop Search Engine’ to streamline file retrieval and management.
    – *Features:*
    – Implemented text extraction and indexing for various file formats.
    – Employed OS constructs for enhanced system functionality.
    – Utilized SQLite database for efficient data storage and retrieval.

    3. **Amazon Reviews Scrapper**
    – *Description:* Developed a Python-based web scraping tool using BeautifulSoup and Requests to extract detailed product information and reviews from Amazon.

    ## Education:
    – **B.Tech**
    – Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College (2020-2024, Upto 6th Sem)
    – CGPA: 8.04

    ## Skills:
    – **Programming Languages:**
    – C/C++
    – Python
    – **Development Tools:**
    – Git GITHUB
    – Database Management System
    – **Proficiency in:**
    – CSS, API, UI/UX, Open AI
    – Data Structures, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, AJAX, React
    – **Operating Systems:**
    – Familiar with Linux environment

    ## Certifications & Achievements:
    – *By Colt Steele:*
    – Mastering OpenAI Python APIs: Unleash ChatGPT and GPT4
    – *Coding Ninjas:*
    – Secured 589 Rank in CodeKaze
    – Secured 857 Rank in Code Combat 3.0

    – **Programming Languages:**
    – Proficient in C/C++
    – **Experience:**
    – Software Development using OS constructs
    – **Additional Skills:**
    – Familiar with Linux environment
    – Strong debugging and problem-solving skills


    Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College B.Tech Computer Science

    Work & Experience

    Python Developer Trailytics AI
    Aug 2023

    Professional Skills

    • c++
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Python

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