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    DIVANSHU Manchanda

    Python Developer


    Member Since 2024

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    I am a dedicated Computer Science Engineer with a strong passion for coding, specializing in web development and data science. My enthusiasm for technology is reflected in my projects, particularly in developing a robust web scraping tool using Python and BeautifulSoup. This tool efficiently extracts product details and reviews from Amazon, showcasing my adeptness in handling data and implementing text preprocessing for natural language data.


    *Data Acquisition for Recommendation System:*
    – Gathered pertinent apparel data for the recommendation system.
    – Conducted meticulous data cleaning to handle missing values and ensure data quality.
    – Applied advanced text preprocessing techniques for natural language data.

    *Deep Learning-based Recommendation System:*
    – Leveraged deep learning techniques to create a personalized apparel recommendation system.
    – Tailored recommendations based on user behavior and preferences.


    *B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering*
    Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College – 8.04 CGPA (2020-2024)


    – Programming Languages: C/C++, Python, JavaScript
    – Development Tools: GIT, GITHUB
    – Proficiency in Data Structures, Operating Systems, Computer Networks
    – Social Media Design: Xceptional, Netflix Clone
    – Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX
    – AI: GPT 3.5, OpenAI
    – Database Management System: SQL
    – Problem Solver and Passionate Developer

    **Certifications & Achievements:**

    – *Mastering OpenAI Python APIs: Unleash ChatGPT and GPT4*
    – *CodeKaze Rank: 589, Code Combat 3.0 Rank: 857 (Coding Ninjas)*
    – *React Certification*


    *Sync Intern (15th July – 15th Aug)*
    – Web Development Intern (Offer Letter)


    – [Apparel Recommendation System](Website Link)
    – *Versatile Developer Portfolio:* Showcasing diverse projects & tech expertise

    **Notable Projects:**

    *Desktop Search Engine:*
    – Developed a Python-based tool for efficient file retrieval and management.
    – Implemented text extraction and indexing for various file formats (PDF, docx, txt).
    – Utilized SQLite database for enhanced data storage and retrieval, improving search performance.

    **Contact Information:**

    – Phone: +91 6395099909
    – Email: divanshumanchanda2@gmail.com
    – Address: Shiv Vihar Colony, Saharanpur

    **Academic Achievements:**

    – Class X: 90.4% (CBSE) – Rainbow School
    – Class XII: 90.2% (CBSE) – Rainbow School

    With a strong foundation in computer science, a diverse skill set, and a track record of successful projects, I am poised to contribute effectively to any team or project.


    Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College B.Tech Computer Science

    Candidate Overview

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