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    PRINCE VATSAL | (+91) 9027062414


    ❖     Java , C Programming Language , DSA

    ❖     Servlet , JSP & JDBC

    ❖     HTML ,  CSS & JavaScript

    ❖     DBMS & OS Fundamentals

    ❖    B.Tech(Computer Science & Engineering)| IIMT College of Engineering ,Greater Noida

    CGPA:  8.2                                                                                                      (2020 – 2024)

    ❖    XII (CBSE) |K.C Public School , Kanth Moradabad

    ( 2019  – 2020 )

    ❖      Algorithm Visualizer

    ❖      The purpose of this project is to visualizing a bunch of different sorting algorithms                     like Selection Sort, Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort for making learning and teaching easy.   ( Java  , CSS )

    ❖      Spotify Clone

    ❖      The Spotify clone project is a web application that replicates the popular music streaming service, Spotify, using the fundamental building blocks of web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


    ❖     Growth Manager| PrepInsta , Noida

    ❖     As a Growth Manager Intern at PrepInsta, I have gained valuable experience and expertise in driving strategic growth initiatives. Through my role, I have developed a deep understanding of market dynamics, customer behaviour, and industry trends.

    ❖     GDSC (Core Member) |IIMT

    ❖     One of core team member of Google Developer Student Clubs IIMT for innovative ideas for tech events  and coding community.

    ❖     Phoenix (Head)| Technical Club , IIMT

    ❖     Organized  national level hackathon as a lead coordinator & conducted 8+ workshop and seminar for 250+ students on Web Development and Emerging Technologies.

    ❖  Secured 1312 rank out of 90,678 candidates in hiring jobathon  by PrepInsta.

    ❖  Lead Coordinator of Mind Installers Hackathon 2K23

    ❖  Secured Ranked 1 in IIMT Coding Contest (Infinity 2K22)

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