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    **Samarth Agrawal**
    – **Location:** Ghaziabad, UP
    – **Phone:** +91 8445990733
    – **Email:**
    – **LinkedIn:** Samarth1410

    ### Summary
    Dedicated entry-level Software Development professional with 6 months of internship experience in Data Science and Machine Learning. Skilled in identifying key metrics, analyzing data streams, and effectively communicating client needs to senior developers. Proficient in Mathematics, Programming Languages, and Computer Engineering.

    ### Education
    – Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science, Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College, Ghaziabad (2020-2024)
    – SGPA: 8.0
    – Senior Secondary (Class XII), St. Queen Mary Public School, Agra (2018-2019)
    – Score: 86%
    РHigh School (Class X), St. George’s College (2016-2017)
    – Score: 85%

    ### Work Experience
    – **Research Intern, RCTS, IIIT Hyderabad** (May 2023 – Jul 2023)
    – Developed an OCR Parser using Deep Learning and NLP, improving data accuracy by 40%.
    – Designed Calendar Features with React.js, reducing scheduling conflicts by 50%.
    – Instructed 1st-year students in Python and ML, reducing learning curve by 40%.

    – **Machine Learning Intern, Artizence, Lucknow** (Sep 2022 – Dec 2022)
    – Created a Resume Selection System with Python and ML, improving hiring process efficiency.
    – Collaborated on a resume parser, reducing review time by 30% and improving matching accuracy by 20%.

    – **Training, Froyo Technologies, Noida** (Sep 2021 – Oct 2021)
    – Industrial Training in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision using Python.

    ### Skills
    – **Programming:** Python, C/C++, Java, Data Structures, Algorithms
    – **AI:** Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Scipy, Tensorflow
    – **Tools & OS:** Git, Jupyter Notebook, Google Colab, Azure

    ### Projects
    – **Netflix Recommender System**
    – Utilized Cosine Similarity for accurate movie recommendations.
    – Backend powered by Flask for seamless user interaction.
    – [GitHub Link](GitHub_Link) | [Video Link](Video_Link)

    – **Zomato-Restaurant Ratings**
    – Built a restaurant rating system using Flask and ML.
    – Enhanced prediction accuracy through data analysis and model comparisons.
    – [GitHub Link](GitHub_Link) | [Project Link](Project_Link)

    ### Research Experience
    – Published paper on “Kabaddi: Quantitative approach to Machine Learning model in Pro Kabaddi” at ICCWC.
    – Presented “Binary classification of Epilepsy using Classical Machine Learning Algorithms and Ensemble Learning Techniques” at International conference on AKGEC 2023.

    ### Accomplishments
    – Smart India Hackathon Finalist – 2023, Kolkata
    – Runner-up in Fundamentals of Modern Machine Learning Course, IIIT Hyderabad
    – Selected among Best 5 teams globally in United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Hackathon.

    This resume showcases Samarth Agrawal’s expertise in software development, particularly in Data Science and Machine Learning. The experience section highlights significant projects and achievements, demonstrating a strong foundation in programming, AI technologies, and practical applications in various internships and projects.


    Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College B.Tech in CS

    8 CGPA

    St. Queen Mary Public School Class 12

    86 %

    St. Georges College Class 10


    Work & Experience

    Research Intern IIIT Hyderabad
    May 2023/July 2023
    ML Intern Artizence
    Sept 2022/Dec 2022


    SIH Finalist - Kolkata
    Runner up UNDP hackathon

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