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    COVID-19 Death Analysis: Understanding Demographic Trends and Comorbidity
    Designed a relational database schema to store the COVID-19 data and executed SQL queries to extract meaningful insights from the dataset.
    Analyzed trends in COVID-19 deaths over time, by location, age group, gender, etc. and investigated correlations between comorbidities and COVID-19 mortality.
    Created visualizations (eg., charts, graphs, maps) to present your findings effectively by utilizing matplotlib for visualization.

    Excel Project on Coffee Shop Analysis Dashboard
    Created a Dashboard that includes Sales Analysis. Analysed Monthly Sales Trends (Line Chart), Sales
    Distribution by Product Category (Pie Chart), ales Performance Comparison (Bar Chart).
    Created a Dashboard that includes Product Analysis. Analysed Top Selling Products (Table), Sales
    Contribution by Product Category (Bar Chart), Product Sales Trends (Line Chart).
    Created a Dashboard that includes Time Analysis. Analysed Peak Hours of Sales, Sales Trends by Day of the Week (Line Chart), Seasonal Sales Analysis.

    Analysing Global Superstore Sales Data using Power BI
    Analysed sales performance, identify trends, and generate insights from the Global Superstore dataset using
    Power BI
    Designed interactive dashboards to visualize sales performance across different regions, product categories and customer segments.
    Utilized DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to create calculated columns and measures for more advanced analysis and Conducted time series analysis to identify seasonality patterns and forecast future sales.

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