Vradhika Agarwal


    Vradhika Agarwal

    Full Stack Java development


    Member Since 2024

    Candidates About


    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University

    vradhikaagarwal65408@gmail.com +91 7417722363 Bareilly – UP LINKEDIN GITHUB


    Seeking a challenging role at a reputed IT

    organization to utilize my engineering skills

    that can contribute to the company’s growth

    as well as enhance my knowledge by exploring

    new things.


    CodSoft Internship Program

    Java Development Intern

    Aug 2023 – Sep 2023 Remote

    • Task: Student Course Registration System,

    Student, Grade Calculator, ATM Interface

    • Primary Focus is on learning and developing

    new skills in Java Development

    • Technology Stack: Core Java .


    DUCAT Training Centre

    Java Development

    Sep 2022 – Sep 2023

    • Engaged in specified training in Java


    • Acquired in-depth knowledge to excel in Java

    Development domain and achieved certification


    • Programming Languages: Java , J2EE, HTML,

    CSS, Basics of JavaScript.

    • Frameworks : Spring

    • Databases : SQL

    • Other Tools : Github


    • Bootcamp in Web Development Certificate

    • CyberSuraksha Certification by Tata Strive in

    collaboration with Microsoft

    • Java Full Stack Development Certificate by

    Agile Softech


    B.Tech. (CSE) – 7.90 CGPA

    Hi-tech Institute of Engineering and Technology

    Nov 2020 – June 2024

    Intermediate – 70%

    Girish Prasad Memorial College


    Secondary – 85%

    Girish Prasad Memorial College



    MediCare System- Hospital

    Management System

    • Developed a comprehensive MediCare System

    as a full-stack project utilizing HTML, CSS, and

    JavaScript for the frontend, ensuring intuitive and

    user-friendly interfaces for healthcare

    professionals and administrators.

    •Implemented robust backend functionality using

    Java (J2EE) to handle server-side logic and

    MYSQL for database interaction facilitating

    efficient data management.

    • Ensuring secure storage and retrieval of patient

    records and appointments thereby enhancing the

    system’s scalability and performance.

    E-Commerce Web Application

    • Successfully achieved project objectives,

    including dynamic product catalog and shopping

    cart functionality

    • Implemented an admin panel for efficient

    product and user account management..

    • Skills including Java, J2EE, Bootstrap and


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